Information about the Denomination

There has been some recent confusion about what has been going on in our denomination.  To clarify a matter, please understand there is no issue requiring a congregational vote before NFUMC at this time.  There was a called General Conference in 2019 to consider proposals regarding revising the Book of Discipline’s stance on homosexual marriage and the ordination of homosexual clergy.  At that conference, a denominational commitment was made affirming the current wording in the Book of Discipline not allowing these two actions. 

We will have more information regarding upcoming legislation after this year’s Annual Conference. For example, also coming out of that special called General Conference was an exit strategy for how churches may disaffiliate with the denomination; procedural matters regarding this process still need to be worked out within our Annual Conference. Additionally, details about last year’s regularly scheduled General Conference (which happen every four years) which was postponed due to Covid are still forthcoming as well. 

The Pastor and Board of Servants will endeavor to keep everyone up to date as more information becomes available. 

May 2021 Birthdays and Anniversaries

Congratulations to our members celebrating birthdays and anniversaries this month!


May 2021 Birthdays

  • Alicia Alvarez
  • Edward Andross
  • Grace Brown
  • Nancy Daniell
  • Marsha Elzey
  • DJ Flockhart
  • Silvia Flockhart
  • Lewis Gregg
  • Pat Grunden
  • Lin Johns
  • Annette Poindexter
  • Elaine Sugg


May 2021 Anniversaries

  • Lisa & Mack Allen
  • Ken & Raye Ann Holewinski
  • Frank & Susan Sorci

Board Notes – May 2021

As we start to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, I must start this month’s report by thanking our entire congregation for your unwavering support of your time, talents, gifts, and service.  We have stayed a close congregation even when we couldn’t physically see each other, found ways to continue to worship, and through your generosity kept our church financially solvent.  Pastor John, Mike and LuAnn improvised almost weekly, supported by the dedicated Worship Team volunteers, to bring the Word to us no matter the challenge.  And our Board members continue to step up to whatever is needed, when it is needed, and always cheerfully.  It has truly been a team effort!

One consequence of the pandemic was a year delay in plans we made early 2020 which we are just now beginning to revisit.  We are slowly making much needed repairs to our facilities inside and out to prepare for a full return to normal services and other activities during the summer. We are also planning for a yard sale in August which will allow us to clean out and sell many of the items we no long use in our ministries.

Also, this month we finally start our visioning process. Visioning is just the first step of a new journey for NFUMC to redefine our place in God’s church and our relationship to our community.  Over the last decade we’ve changed as a congregation, the community around us has changed, and the pandemic accelerated even more changes.  Change is not always easy, but it is necessary to continue our mission to be effective disciples of Jesus Christ to the world. We will need every one of you to be involved in the visioning process; every contribution of your time no matter how big or small is important as we set a new direction – together.

So, let’s enjoy one more month in The Grove followed by our return to fresh air worship during our Parking Lot Revival in June featuring great music and the great sermons always provided by Pastor John.  Spring is here and the Lord is Risen!  Let us be glad and rejoice! 

Yours in Service,

Steve Justice – 2021 NFUMC Board Chair

Lay Leader’s Line – May 2021

One thing that I found to be in common among all the Big Church organizations that I mentioned in the last Lay Leader Line is the connection that we have from the highest level of the Big Church down to the individual church and member.  Many opportunities exist to follow the latest news about the United Methodist Church, learn more about what it means to be a Methodist, and become involved in many initiatives to participate in the spreading of God’s Word and making disciples.  

From now on I will include information on some of these opportunities.  I truly hope that you will take a moment to check out at least one of these topics.   If you would like additional information on a particular subject, let me know. 


May 9, Mother’s Day – Wesley Woods’ Mother’s Day Offering

For more than 46 years, churches of The North Georgia Conference of The United Methodist Church have received the Mother’s Day Offering for Wesley Woods. This generous support funds financial assistance for meals and housing to residents who have the gift of a long life but may have outlived their resources. In addition, the Mother’s Day Offering also supports on-site chaplains and an innovative wellness program

Final Thought – Link to the Monday Memo

Sue Berg – Lay Leader, NFUMC 

Lay Leader’s Line – April 2021

STOP whatever you are doing right now.  Take a breath and moment to  reflect on what you felt on Easter and never  forget that wonderful day.  If asked, I am sure that each of  us could  come up with a special word or sentence to  describe the glorious feeling and  experience of that day.  Not only were we  celebrating the Resurrection of our  RISEN Lord, but also the  experience  and excitement of coming back together as a church. NEVER  forget that feeling and cherish it especially as we continue to  go forward out of the darkness of last year into the light of the future.   It may not always be  perfect or  without  flaws but  with  God’s help  we are headed towards the light.

Now, many times you will hear me say or see that I use the  term the  Big Church.  For clarification purposes, let me define what I mean.  (Please remember that this is only Sue’s term. )  The Big Church consists of the various levels and United Methodist organizations that are  above NFUMC. 

  • Church (NFUMC)  ===> District (Southwest District)
    • SOUTHWEST  DISTRICT  consists of  Georgia counties of:  Butts, Coweta, Fayette, Harris,  Heard,  Jasper, Lamar, Meriwether,  Monroe,  Pike, Spalding,  Troup and Upson. 
    • Our current  District  superintendent is Rev. Susan  Landry.  The District  main office is in  Griffin.
  • District ===> Conference (North Georgia Conference)
    • The North Georgia  Conference, located in Atlanta,  is compromised of  8 Districts.  Within these districts there are almost 800 churches, with  more than 1,300 clergy and approximately  340,000 lay members.  Our  conference is the largest in the  United States. 
    • The Conference is overseen by Bishop  Sue Haupert-Johnson.
  • Conference  ===> Jurisdiction (Southeast Jurisdiction)
    • States comprising the Southeast Jurisdiction include: Mississippi,  Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky.
  • Jurisdiction  ===> United Methodist Church 
    • The  United  Methodist  Church  has over 12 million  members  around world.   It was formed in 1968 but its heritage  goes back to 1700 England. 

In future Lay Leader Lines I will focus on these various organizations and explain their structure,  role and impact on the United Methodist Church to include NFUMC. 

As always, if you have any questions,  please contact me. 

Sue Berg – Lay Leader NFUMC