Board Notes – June 2021

This month we say goodbye to Pastor John Tomlin and begin the process of welcoming our new Pastor Kimberly Dugger to NFUMC.  Pastor transitions are always hard and especially so since we’re just starting to come back from the Covid shutdown.  Rev. Tomlin and Rev. Dugger are hard at work on the transition and your Board of Servants met with Rev. Dugger  on June 1st as part of the transition process.  We’ll be making more announcements about the transition throughout the month of June as we continue to work out the details.

One of those details is how we will handle the dual appointment of Rev. Dugger to both NFUMC and Friendship UMC.  The two churches are only three miles apart and very similar in our congregation makeup which offers some intriguing possibilities.  The Board met with our District Superintendent Susan Landry in late May on this subject leading to a very worthwhile discussion about a possible merger between NFUMC and Friendship UMC.  Friendship is a small church with limited facilities while NFUMC is a church with very good facilities that needs more people to fill them.  There are many positives for both churches with a merger, but many questions as well. 

The Board will meet with leaders from Friendship during June to continue the discussion and then hold another Town Hall meeting with our congregation to get your opinions.  Be assured that your voice will be heard during this process and that in any merger we will continue to worship on our campus while welcoming and incorporating the heritage of Friendship UMC. 

In the midst of all this change we must recognize the superb efforts of Rev. Tomlin to bring us through this year of Covid as a congregation made even stronger through adversity.  John has preached inside, outside, virtually and any other way he could think of to keep bringing the Word of God to this congregation.  He will always be special to us and a member of the NFUMC family.

We have one more month to worship with Pastor John, so let’s enjoy our return to fresh air worship, the great music, great sermons and our fellowship with one another.  

Yours in Service,

Steve Justice – 2021 NFUMC Board Chair

June 2021 Birthdays and Anniversaries

Congratulations to our members celebrating birthdays and anniversaries this month!


June 2021 Birthdays

  • Gina Alford
  • Larry Boak
  • Emmett Davis Jr
  • Raye Ann Holewinski
  • Lynne Keiser
  • Walt Keiser
  • Layne Kinney
  • David Kirby
  • Carol McGahee
  • Frank Sorci


June 2021 Anniversaries

  • Judy & Sammy Andrews
  • Mike & Nancy Daniell
  • Rudy & Sandra Herren
  • Barbara & Steve Justice
  • Lynn & Walt Keiser
  • Carol & Luther McGahee
  • Donna & Mike Putnam

May 2021 Birthdays and Anniversaries

Congratulations to our members celebrating birthdays and anniversaries this month!


May 2021 Birthdays

  • Alicia Alvarez
  • Edward Andross
  • Grace Brown
  • Nancy Daniell
  • Marsha Elzey
  • DJ Flockhart
  • Silvia Flockhart
  • Lewis Gregg
  • Pat Grunden
  • Lin Johns
  • Annette Poindexter
  • Elaine Sugg


May 2021 Anniversaries

  • Lisa & Mack Allen
  • Ken & Raye Ann Holewinski
  • Frank & Susan Sorci

Board Notes – May 2021

As we start to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, I must start this month’s report by thanking our entire congregation for your unwavering support of your time, talents, gifts, and service.  We have stayed a close congregation even when we couldn’t physically see each other, found ways to continue to worship, and through your generosity kept our church financially solvent.  Pastor John, Mike and LuAnn improvised almost weekly, supported by the dedicated Worship Team volunteers, to bring the Word to us no matter the challenge.  And our Board members continue to step up to whatever is needed, when it is needed, and always cheerfully.  It has truly been a team effort!

One consequence of the pandemic was a year delay in plans we made early 2020 which we are just now beginning to revisit.  We are slowly making much needed repairs to our facilities inside and out to prepare for a full return to normal services and other activities during the summer. We are also planning for a yard sale in August which will allow us to clean out and sell many of the items we no long use in our ministries.

Also, this month we finally start our visioning process. Visioning is just the first step of a new journey for NFUMC to redefine our place in God’s church and our relationship to our community.  Over the last decade we’ve changed as a congregation, the community around us has changed, and the pandemic accelerated even more changes.  Change is not always easy, but it is necessary to continue our mission to be effective disciples of Jesus Christ to the world. We will need every one of you to be involved in the visioning process; every contribution of your time no matter how big or small is important as we set a new direction – together.

So, let’s enjoy one more month in The Grove followed by our return to fresh air worship during our Parking Lot Revival in June featuring great music and the great sermons always provided by Pastor John.  Spring is here and the Lord is Risen!  Let us be glad and rejoice! 

Yours in Service,

Steve Justice – 2021 NFUMC Board Chair

Board Notes – April 2021

We’re back! 

It is so good to be back to in person services in The Grove.  Of course, most of March was focused on getting ready for this change, but your Board was also working on updating our church polices, getting ready for our visioning workshop in May, and preparing for our Parking Lot Revival in June.

On the policies update, we had a workshop to review existing policies and draft policies on a range of areas from Safe Sanctuary, use of church facilities, weddings, and funerals.  Those policies are in editing and will be released soon to the congregation for your comments.  The Board will take up the approval of the policies at our April Board meeting.

Another change will be that our Board meeting will be in person, but socially distanced.  More information will be released soon on the April meeting.

We’ll continue to be cautious and still make accommodations for those who can’t attend in person, but it is fantastic to be able see our church family again on Sundays!

Yours in Service,

Steve Justice – 2021 NFUMC Board Chair