Trustees Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2019

Members Present:

  • John Davis 
  • Sue Berg                                                                                             
  • Elizabeth Grindrod
  • Barbara Hocking
  • Fred Canning
  • Rudy Herren
  • Lee Maxfield
  • Maurice Robinson
  • Karen Smith

Members Absent:

  • Dr. Beverly Casstevens
  • Tom Read


  • Elizabeth Grindrod opened with prayer. Prayer concerns included: Tom Read, Gayle Hatala (friend of John Davis), Pat Grunden, Pegge Garrett, Pat Chennault, the brother of Cookie Keene, Mark (neighbor of Lee Maxfield), Maurice Robinson, Elaine Sugg, and District Superintendent Reverend Susan Landry.
  • New Trustees members were recognized.
  • Sue Berg opened the floor for the election of officers for 2019. Sue Berg nominated John Davis for Chairperson. The nomination was seconded by Fred Canning. Mr. Davis was elected as Chairperson.
  • Elizabeth Grindrod nominated Lee Maxfield for Vice-Chairperson. Rudy Herren seconded the nomination. Mr. Maxfield was elected as Vice-Chairperson.
  • Lee Maxfield nominated Karen Smith for Secretary. Rudy Herren seconded the nomination. Mrs. Smith was elected as Secretary. Rudy Herren will serve in Karen Smith’s absence.
  • The required Fayette County Water Department backflow water test was completed in December by Todd Hendon of Affordable Testing at a charge of $110.00. The test was passed and no issues were found.
  • True Gas will be the natural gas provider for the church for the next twelve months. The commercial rate will be .521 per therm.
  •  Tom Read was acknowledged and thanked for repairing the outside lights on Building A.
  • The Trustees members will continue to conduct monthly light inspections. The new members will team with the old members in order to learn the procedure.
    • January: Maurice Robinson and Barbara Hocking
    •  February: Rudy Herren and Fred Canning
    •  March: Karen Smith and Lee Maxfield
    •  April: Fred Canning
  • Trustees are asked to report any issues with the lights to John Davis.
  •   The church insurance policy renews in September or October. The United Methodist Conference insurance group has sought the business from NFUMC, but the rates have not been as competitive as Southern Mutual through Harbin Insurance, the current provider.
  • Barbara Hocking raised the question about the church grounds facilities, such as the playground and volleyball courts, with NFUMC chosen as a site for Glisson Day Camp for summer 2019.  The volleyball court was donated to the church, and the Trustees are not responsible for its maintenance. Sue Berg stated that camp personnel will visit the church to offer suggestions for needed improvements for the Glisson Day Camp.
  • Rudy Herren asked about a clean-up for the debris next to the dumpster. No decisions were made, but this issue will be addressed later.
  • The roof leak in the Bell Room has been repaired.
  •  John Davis reminded everyone of the February 3 Wing Sale.
  • Rudy Herren closed with prayer.