January 2019 Birthdays and Anniversaries

Congratulations to our members celebrating birthdays and anniversaries this month!

January 2019 Birthdays

  • Tracy Blood
  • Connie Brooks
  • Pat Chennault
  • Mike Daniell
  • Nancy Edens
  • Lois Howell
  • Steve Justice
  • Cookie Keene
  • Billye Koetje
  • George Latzanich
  • Rebecca Lowe
  • Martha Nolan
  • Reggie Smith
  • Meghan Wittkop

January 2019 Anniversaries

  • Glenn & Connie Brooks
  • John Eric & Rebecca Ann Douville

Reading Resolutions

Every January, many Christians resolve to read the entire Bible in one year. That’s a worthy goal, but God doesn’t require us to read a certain number of verses or chapters per day. Instead, he tells us to simply be in his Word — and thus be with him — so he can grow our faith, light our path and assure us of his love and forgiveness. God’s Word is a precious gift, but we need to “unwrap” it!

F.B. Meyer offers this helpful advice for a new year of discovering (and rediscovering!) Scripture: “Read the Bible, not as a newspaper, but as a home letter. If a cluster of heavenly fruit hangs within reach, gather it. If a promise lies upon the page as a blank check, cash it. If a prayer is recorded, appropriate it and launch it as a feathered arrow from the bow of your desire. If an example of holiness gleams before you, ask God to do as much for you. If the truth is revealed … entreat that its brilliance may ever irradiate … your life.”

The Wrong Question

“My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to finish His work.”  (John 4:34)

Jesus considered God’s will to be His highest priority (see John 4:43-34). Following God’s will is also important to you. Often when people want to know God’s will, they will ask, “What is God’s will for my life?” As one of my seminary professors, Gaines S. Dobbins, used to say, “If you ask the wrong question, you are going to get the wrong answer.”

“What is God’s will for my life?” is not the best question to ask. The better inquiry is, “What is God’s will?” Because people are naturally self-centered, we tend to view the whole world — even God’s activity — in terms of our own lives. Of course, we want to know what we should do and how events will affect us. But that is actually an inverted life-perspective. Once I know God’s will, my life gains its proper perspective, and I can adjust my life to Him and to His purposes. In other words, what is it that God is purposing to accomplish where I am? Once I know what God is doing, then I see what I should do. My focus needs to be outward on God and His purposes, not inward on my life…

Discovering God’s greater plan helps you know what He wants to do through you. 

— Henry Blackaby, Richard Blackaby and Claude King in “Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God”

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The Front Lawn Comes Alive for Christmas Season

If evangelism has a significant mixture of hospitality and communication, here is a project that has both and that is so exciting!

We have begun to build a life-size silhouette nativity – from camels to the baby Jesus – 15 figures is the goal for this round – for the front lawn. When all is said and done, these 15 figures will cost about $1,700 because we will eventually paint each figure with realistic detail and all those colors are expensive. The initial cost before all the paint is $1,000; and we are hoping that we can cover these material expenses through donations since all the cutting, priming, painting and install are free labor!

Initially, we will have white silhouettes as the prep of the wood so that it is smooth, primed and sealed is labor intensive. Thanks to Randy Longino, Rudy Herren, Gina Alford, Cookie Keene, Wayne Hunsucker, and RayeAnn Holewinski for jumping on board and please forgive if someone has been left off the list. If you feel led, we appreciate your contribution of labor and money; so let RayeAnn or Pastor Beverly know.

We are also asking for donations of solar floodlights.  We will need 4.

And yes, the scene will come together over the four weeks of December as all journey across the lawn to the stable.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel!