Cookies for a Cure


Cookies for a Cure will be on Sunday December 15  in the Gathering Room. We will sell cookies before and after Sunday School and Church.  This is one of our biggest fundraisers for Relay for Life. We are also taking outside orders.

We are in desperate need of homemade cookies for sale (nothing store bought).  We would appreciate all you bakers out there helping us out.  If you are able, we would love to have you bake your favorite cookies for the sale.  We will also take other items such as cakes, breads, bars, etc. We have lost many of our best and most prolific bakers so we can use everyone’s help. If you have any questions please contact Debbi or me.

Thanks for all your help in supporting this important mission
Kathy and Debbi

Calling All Santas!


Once again this year you will have the opportunity to choose a patient from Southland Nursing Home to fulfill their Christmas Wish. Residents names and their Christmas List will be available for you to choose this Sunday. We have 25 names available for you to choose from in the back of the church. Gifts must be returned to the church by December 12 to be delivered on time. you can bring items to the church or give to Debbi Carroll or Barbara Justice. Any questions should be directed to Debbi or Barbara.

Thank you all so much for participating in this season of giving.

Debbi, Barbara, and Kathy

What is a Longest Night Service?

Traditionally held on the day when the time of darkness is the longest of the year (typically December 21st), this service provides a space and place for people who find the holidays less than jolly. The need for such a service was recognized among pastors of many denominations as distressed parishioners revealed how the holidays remind them that their life is not perfect or their family is not perfect. In these circumstances, the holidays can make many people feel depressed and they avoid the holiday events, even church services. They feel put off or put down, or even come to think that there is something wrong with them because they are not filled with “Christmas Cheer.” Especially as contemporary marketing of the season increasingly focuses on a “perfect” Christmas when “everyone” is happy, every family is wonderful, and every experience joyful, pastors have felt the need to provide a service that acknowledges that this season does not magically remove grief, hurt, depression, anxiety and other real problems.

During this service the often hurting human condition is recognized. Grief, hurt, depression, anxiety and problems are acknowledged. It strives to affirm that there is these real feelings. At the same time, the good news of God-with-us is affirmed; and the light that shines in the darkness and is never overcome by it, still shines. This is a service where tears of all kinds are collected by God’s own gentle hand, and we each have the opportunity to offer to one another love, hope and peace.


2019 Amaris Alvarez 5K Day Financial Report

We are awaiting one more piece of revenue to complete the report of this year’s 5K Day, but we have all waited (impatiently but gracefully). We don’t expect a huge increase in income. So, we decided with only this piece missing we would share the results thus far.

We received $12,993.88 in income, incurred $2,631.04 in expenses and donated $1,299.39 (+ $75 in direct donations) to Sharing Hearts.

PayPal allowed us to accept credit transactions (and we will be able to receive online transactions for BBQ and other payments next year).

About half the BBQ sold was to walk-ups: 200 dinners. Most were bought the next day, and a few were consumed by hungry volunteers (which was OK).