Board Notes – April 2021

We’re back! 

It is so good to be back to in person services in The Grove.  Of course, most of March was focused on getting ready for this change, but your Board was also working on updating our church polices, getting ready for our visioning workshop in May, and preparing for our Parking Lot Revival in June.

On the policies update, we had a workshop to review existing policies and draft policies on a range of areas from Safe Sanctuary, use of church facilities, weddings, and funerals.  Those policies are in editing and will be released soon to the congregation for your comments.  The Board will take up the approval of the policies at our April Board meeting.

Another change will be that our Board meeting will be in person, but socially distanced.  More information will be released soon on the April meeting.

We’ll continue to be cautious and still make accommodations for those who can’t attend in person, but it is fantastic to be able see our church family again on Sundays!

Yours in Service,

Steve Justice – 2021 NFUMC Board Chair

April 2021 Birthdays and Anniversaries

Congratulations to our members celebrating birthdays and anniversaries this month!

April 2021 Birthdays

  • Deborah Fogler
  • Carole Galimore
  • Grace Holewinski
  • LuAnn Latzanich
  • Mary Marks
  • John Sugg


April 2021 Anniversaries

  • Bill & Kim Bryan
  • Harold & Peggy Garrett
  • Mike & Sharron Langston
  • Peter & Anne Wittkop

Board Notes – March 2021

To fill the opening on the Board of Servants, I am pleased to announce that the Board approved Mrs. Debbi Carroll to fill the seat until our next charge conference in the fall of this year.  Our thanks to Debbi to stepping up to serve our church.

Other Board business for February focused on preparations to re-open for in-person services in April for Easter.  I know many of you are “chomping at the bit” to see your church family, but we need the month of March to “shake off the cobwebs” as we prepare The Grove and our volunteer teams for in-person services.  This is not a trivial undertaking after so many months of virtual services, but rest assured the Board, Pastor, staff and volunteers are working hard to re-open and keep us open!

Our Financial Secretary Barbara Justice reached out to all of you about potential issues with checks being taken from our church mailbox.  Please be sure to check your records against the giving statements sent by Barbara and let her know of any discrepancies.  We are also installing a locking mailbox at the church to add another layer of security for checks that are mailed to us.

March will be a busy month as we get plan for in-person services, spruce up the building, improve our security measures, and prepare to celebrate the resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ.  So, hang in there just a few weeks more and we’ll be together again!

Yours in Service,

Steve Justice – 2021 NFUMC Board Chair

March 2021 Birthdays and Anniversaries

Congratulations to our members celebrating birthdays and anniversaries this month!

March 2021 Birthdays

  • Sammy Andrews
  • Sue Berg
  • Glenn Brooks
  • Debbi Carroll
  • Jerri Green
  • Jennifer Hocking
  • Marty Johns
  • Eddie Poindexter
  • Mike Putnam


March 2021 Anniversaries

  • Gary & Revella Adams
  • Bill & Marie Cain
  • Delbert & Debbie Carroll

Board Notes – February 2021

January was a busy month as we continue to use video to stay spiritually connected during this time of social distancing.  Prior to the start of the pandemic locally last March, NFUMC had a very minimal online video presence, but we have learned along the way and ended 2020 with 60 videos posted with over 5,700 views!  We continue to innovate and are planning to keep a strong online video presence even after we go back to in-person services.

January was also a busy month for your Board of Servants as we completed all the year-end reporting for the District and made the annual appointments to our various working groups, teams, and committees.  We have several open positions at this time including an At-Large seat on the Board of Servants which we will fill until the next Charge Conference.  If you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact me before February 20th. 

With our plan to re-start in-person services in April, we need to continue repairs and improvements to our facilities.  The heating system in The Grove was repaired in January and we plan several church work days to get the space ready for our Easter celebrations. 

January was a busy, if not exciting, month full of those tasks necessary to get ready for better times in the near future.  We will need everyone to be part of our preparations in February and March through your prayers and service.  Easter will have special meaning this year for our church as we witness a rebirth of our in-person ministries as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Yours in Service,

Steve Justice – 2021 NFUMC Board Chair