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Sunday at 10:30
Sunday School

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Bible Study

From time to time we offer various Bible Study programs. We are currently studying the Gospel of John using the short-term Disciple Bible Study material. A Covenant Bible Study group meets on Wednesday morning at 10:30.

See the interest form at right for other programs that can be made available, subject to availability of time, space and facilitors and sufficient participation.

For notes on the recently completed study of the Book of Revelation click here.

If you have interest in starting another class as participant or faciltiator, please complete the following form
Subject to the availability of space and facilitators we are always willing to consider adding groups if there is sufficient interest.


I can participate in a group that meets at any of the following times (check times available)
AM: 10:00 or 10:30      PM: 2:00      Eve: 6:30 or 7:00

Sunday Eve Tuesday AM Wednesday AM Thursday AM
Monday PM Tuesday PM Wednesday PM Thursday PM
Tuesday Eve Wednesday Eve Thursday Eve

I am interested in participating in the following groups
(check all that you would be willing to particpate in)

Long Term Groups (24-36 week commitment)
Disciple Program:
Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study (prerequisite for the other long term Disciple programs)
Remember Who You Are (Concentration on the prophets and Paul's letters)
Into the Word--Into the World (Concentration on Genesis/Exodus and Luke/Acts)
Under the Tree of Life (Concentration on the Old Testament Writings, John, and Revelation)

Other Long Term
Jesus in the Gospels (Comparison of the way Jesus is portrayed in the four gospels)
Christian Believer (In depth study of what it means to be a Christian)

Covenant Bible Study (In depth study entire Bible through the lens of Covenant making and keeping)

Short term Groups
Disciple programs (8-11 week commitment)
Intro to Old Testament Intro to New Testament Psalms
John's gospel Genesis Romans
Advent study (text to be selected -  4 or 5 weeks in November/December)
Other (give us your suggestion below)

I can teach or faciltate a group