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NFUMC Continuing Video Services Only As We Start 2021 

Welcome to 2021!  2020 was a challenging year, but we made it through the year and in many ways strengthened our church and our commitment to being disciples of Jesus Christ to the world.  We look forward to growing even stronger in 2021.

As many of you know, Fayette County has continued to oscillate back and forth between COVID levels Red and Orange (Globalepidemics.org). Considering the demographics of our congregation and the risks this disease poses, NFUMC will continue online worshipping only as we begin the new year.  We do not know when we will be back in person; this could last until well into the year.

As we have stated throughout the last 9 months, we might be socially distanced but we will not be spiritually distanced!  You can still participate in NFUMC worship through a new video sermon each week  that you can access from our Facebook page or website.

Be safe and know that all things are possible through Jesus Christ.


Christmas Nativity at NFUMC

NFUMC presented a beautiful Nativity Scene on our front lawn for the whole community to enjoy.  Thanks to the many volunteers that made this possible!





Christmas Eve Drive-Thru Communion

NFUMC hosted a drive-thru Communion on Christmas Eve with Pastor John Tomlin administering the elements.  Thanks to Eddie and Annette Poindexter for assisting and collecting the food contributions for Fayette Samaritans.





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